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What to Look For In An Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece


When choosing a snoring solution there are many things to consider. Some of these are specific to different kinds of devices while others apply to everything.

The specific considerations that come with choosing an oral device will be covered as well as the general considerations that can be applied to any solution.

Factors for Jaw Advancing Devices

jaw-retaining-mouthpiece Jaw retaining mouthpieces are not a solution that should be taken lightly. This is due to the risks associated with them, which are chronic jaw pain and bite issues. However, this is where unique designs and special features come into the picture.

Over the years some manufacturers have managed to make this kind of mouthpiece adjustable. That trait has gone a long way towards making them safer and more effective.

Devices with an adjustment system or micro adjustment options are far superior to those that are simply molded to the teeth. The mouthpieces that require only a boil and bite fitting process are the ones that need to be used with caution. Any device with micro adjustments is much safer and allows the user to customize the fit themselves. This makes it easy to prevent pain and avoid any further issues.

Another trait to consider with this kind of solution is the overall size. The higher quality options are often available in different sizes to accommodate as many individuals as possible.

Factors for Tongue Advancing Devices

tongue-advancing-mouthpieceSince there are no serious risks associated with this kind of snoring solution, there are not many additional considerations. However, since this class of devices is still relatively new it is important to make sure that any of them being considered have been around for at least a few years.

Considerations for Any Solution

The first thing to think about is always safety.

As in the case of some jaw advancing devices, the solution may work for some but it may also cause additional complications. All of the best snoring solutions available are safe. That is because they have been tested and modified many times before they even hit the market. Often very low cost mouthpieces are not safe, nor are some other miscellaneous devices.

The next consideration before choosing a solution is comfort.

This is often difficult to determine without trying something firsthand, but this is an extremely important factor. Comfort often affects effectiveness and also determines if the patient will use the device every night or not.

The third most important factor is effectiveness.

The top snoring solutions have been researched and studied in a clinical setting at least once. The manufacturers often have the results readily available on their website and this information is also often used in their promotions. Although for something to be a clinical success it only needs a 50% success rate, top solutions typically lay claim to an 80% success rate or higher.

Another characteristic to consider before making a purchase is the material that the solution is made of.

The FDA has approved a variety of materials that have been verified to be safe for their intended use. When the material used is FDA cleared it is clearly stated by the manufacturer.

One other thing to think about while on the subject of materials is BPA. The best materials do not contain any BPA. It was once widely used but was later found to cause a number of adverse health effects. One of the best materials commonly seen today is FDA cleared medical grade silicone. It is soft to the touch and comfortable according to the majority’s opinion.

Some other things to look for are a guarantee, a BBB record, and FDA approval of the device itself.

In some cases the material may be cleared by the FDA but the solution is not. Satisfaction guarantees are rather standard at this time. Any snoring solution sold without one is certainly questionable. Most guarantees are 30 to 60 days.

This is plenty of time for the user to determine if the solution will work for them. The Better Business Bureau has a surprising amount of information available on nearly any business whether they are accredited or not. The key is to check for complaints and what they were about. Some businesses have been known to take advantage of consumers by making it impossible to get a refund or by charging them repeatedly for the same product.


There are many factors to consider before choosing a snoring solution and not all of them can be easily determined without trying it. In this case it may be a good idea to look for reviews from previous users.

To put everything in one place, here are all the main factors again: safety, comfort, effectiveness, materials, a guarantee, BBB record and FDA approval. All of these need to be kept in mind to make the best decision possible.

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