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Overview of Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction


Septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery is done to make a crooked, deviated nasal septum straight. The bone and cartilage are the septum wall that divides two separate passages inside the nose. The nasal septum can be crooked since birth or damaged due to previous surgery or nasal injury. Nasal septum deviation can lead to complete or partial blockage of one or both nostrils so that the patient becomes incapable of breathing comfortably through the nose.

The main goal in septoplasty is to enhance breathing with the nose. This can reduce other signs and symptoms like postnasal drip, nasal discharge, recurrent sinus infections, sinus pressure, or impaired smelling.

Septoplasty and the reduction of turbinate are done with the reinforcement of anesthesia. With an incision that is set within the nostril, the underlining tissue that covers the septum is lifted up to enable the surgeon to view the cartilage and bone directly. The crooked parts of the cartilage and bone are then either reshaped or removed to leave enough nondeviated cartilage and bone to maintain the nose’s configuration. The incision is then closed and stitched.

Overview of Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction

Structures called “turbinates” can also obstruct nasal breathing. These are structures that act as natural radiations of the nose, humidifying and warming the air so that cold or dry air doesn’t go to the lungs. As a radiator operates due to running hot water within the pipes, the turbinate works in obtaining blood channels with warm blood.

The surgeon then puts splints and plastic sheets in the nose to straighten it and to reduce turbinate and the chances of scar formation. In a number of cases, gauze packing can be set in the nose to prevent bleeding. The surgeon will inform the patient when the splints or packing should be removed. Surgical time is set between one and three hours. After the effect of anesthesia has worn out, the patient is then discharged the same day.

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